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Cuisine ~ John and Marie

Education ~ Mike, Satu and Salla

Entertainment Industry ~ Caity

Famous Finns ~ Michael and Anne

Geography ~ Paul and Kati

Hobbies ~ John Michael and Miikku

Holidays ~ Tara and Heino

Photorama of Hameenlinna ~ Giancarlo, John, Johanna, and Heidi

Religion ~ Susan, Paula, and Minttu

Wildlife ~ Victoria and Tanja

Rights and Wrongs, What Teenagers Can and Can't Do ~ Claire and Emmi

Favorite Films Among Teenagers ~ Corrine and Sanna

Fashion Among Teenagers ~ Melissa, Jared, Jenna, and Satu

Music ~ Albert, Anna, and Mari

Sports ~ Katie Mc Vitty

Traveling ~ Scott and Sanni

Student Life ~ Kate and Vicky